Best Bigdog Mechanics in each state


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Someone told me ----those were notorious for electrical issues and typically the coils and ignition module go bad, unused to build choppers for years and use to service them all the time. Sometimes the entire electrical system has To he replaced because parts are no longer available


hi Dusty when i start the engine i think one cylinder working only and backfire
Well if it's running on one cylinder only you should definitely know. They sound like shit on one cylinder. Do you have a dual outlet exhaust? Stick one hand over each exhaust port if so, not for long, just long enough to feel heat. If one isn't hot enough to burn your hand that cylinder isn't firing. Alternatively, you could pull a plug with the wire attached and stick it close to metal and bump the starter. You'll see a spark if it's firing properly. Also if you're familiar with a dmm you can test for voltage at the plugs then at the coil and further on back until you figure something out


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Hey guys.. very cool idea to create that kind of yellow pages .. hat up ... is there maybe someone or does maybe someone knows a good mechanic in good old Germany too???? Would be great .. Thanks a lot...

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Hey John, I live in SW Michigan. I also have a Mastiff. I am having issues with my speedo. Not sure if you have any issues or familiar with fixing.
Thanks Rod


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Anywhere in western North Carolina . Use to take mine to cycle city to Danny, but they are out of businesses now.

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Hi nine lives i just bought my second big dog ! Its an 06 pibull and im having an issue with it startng ! It will turn over for a few seconds then guage will go out and light will weaken and starter will act like battery is dead but its brand new 310 cca with a full charge ! It did same thing with ooriginal battery ! HELP !