Best Bigdog Mechanics in each state


Hi guys, I would love to start a sticky post on the best mechanics for Bigdogs in each state. We can then use it as a Bigdog yellow pages. I would love to start off the post with the best mechanic in my state of Rhode Island, but I have no idea who that might be. Can anyone list their state and nomination for their mechanic and maybe help me out with mine. Thanks, Rich


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Kansas: C.A.Jones- Vtwin Vibrations
1538 S. Washington
Wichita Kansas

Shop: 316-267-2752
Doug: 316-371-3980
Will: 316-390-5161
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In the State of Misery (not Missouri) I rely on ME!:2thumbs:
Anyone wants help I'm here in Fellsmere Florida. I don't do house calls or deliver.

Anything I don’t want to tackle I take my shit it Treasure Coast Cycle in Vero Beach Fl. The owner used to own an HD dealership and a Big Dog…


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I like the DIY!!!! But ya have too share!!!:2thumbs:
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In NJ not me

My bike has been down for over a year!

Big dog Neglect on my part, not inability :loony:


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In GA RRRUFF is the best

In GA RRRUFF is the best. He is the only person I
would trust to work on my bike. :up:


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Big Bend, Wisconsin = Jamie's Customs
ro360s -
I bought my K9 from Jamie Strasser in 2009 and had his mechanic Dan Abels work on my bike until last year when I started doing my own basic maintenance.

It'll be due for 10K service next Spring and I'd like to go back to Jamie's except I hear Dan's no longer with them...:confused::eek:

Are you familiar with Jamie's mechanics working there now and do you vouch for their knowledge/expertise/care with Big Dogs?



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I bought my chopper from Jamies and know of Dan too! Awesome mechanic. I moved to Michigan and looking for a good Big Dog mechanic. I think Dan spoiled me!


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It is obvious there are no great wrenches on the west coast so I will humbly take the honers for Washington State. (the one on the Pacific Ocean ) not really but I try