Best Bigdog Mechanics in each state



In ILLINOIS, I have been servicing my Big Dog at South Side Motorcycle Company.
13341 Southwest Hwy , Ste D, Orland Park, IL 60462 / Phone number (708) 361-0942.

Great shop, top notch meachnics. Here is company description:


Motorcycle service and custom building.

Established in 1996. South Side Motorcycle Company is a motorcycle shop in Orland Park specializing in high end custom built motorcycles. We have been in business in our current location since 1996 and in the motorcycle industry for over 40 years. We are purists, not riding the new fad wave. When the hype and hoopla are long past, we will still be here doing what we do best - all types of motorcycle innovations, riding, and helping others.

BadDawg Bill

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Central Florida
Scooters performance
31615 Long Acres Dr
Sorrento, Florida
(407) 330-2056

Really great guys and good prices. Central Fl
Dan Niles was the best tech that big dog. he opened a shop in North Shore Kentucky.Sasquatch cycles. when a dealership had a question they couldn't answer. For a problem they couldn't fix. Dan was the man that was called.

BadDawg Bill

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Kansas: C.A.Jones- Vtwin Vibrations
1538 S. Washington
Wichita Kansas

Shop: 316-267-2752
Doug: 316-371-3980
Will: 316-390-5161
Well Doug and Will the two partners have went there own ways and Doug is operating the business as a used car lot only no motorcycle repairs anymore so you can scratch this one from the list.


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Rick is the man in the Salt Lake city area!
1515 S. MAJOR ST.

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