Which Open Primary?


Sweet, I kinda thought that....but didn't want to discard it and be the one ass with out one pant leg.... :)
Don’t get me wrong. An open primary could mess you up depending on the style you get or have. But the chances are highly unlikely. The most I have experienced is a scuffed shoe from my heel coming in contact with the belt. Some even go as far as to tuck the pant leg into their boots on that side while riding.


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I've learned to keep my left foot to the outside of the footpeg or it'll rub my heel a bit. Other than that, never a prob.


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Run an OBS for sure. Are those Harley rotors?

So Ray if you changed to an old style starter, could you use any belt drive? Or is the tranny in a different position? Looks like the top cover on the tranny might interfere? Not trying to be a pest, just curious.
Sorry Moe, didn't see this post till today. Not to sure on this question. But I think that you are stuck with a BDM specific unit! :rant: I have personaly asked Bert Baker if I can put on one of his DSSC primary covers (he offers more options) and he says it won't fit due to a propietary bolt pattern on the BDM tranny. :bang: