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I've had the Pit to 110 chasing my kids in MY truck! Yeah, front end gets way to shaky for much more. On the hiway, I've been riding one handed and looked down to see 95...smooth as silk. All depends on the roads.


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Alright, All you guys pull over and form a line! :oldmad: I'm gonna have to cite ya all for exceeding the safe, posted speed limit! :oldrant::spank: Now we can settle this one of two ways,:oldsmile: either I confiscate those bikes, OR, you can all send me $65.50 via certified mail, and I'll look the other way! :oldlaugh: :oldhardlaugh::oldhardlaugh::oldhardlaugh::chopper: P.S. Cash only !! :old2::old2::old2:
Hey Chubs, wait for it, wait for it,

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