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After reading wrm66's 163mph speed I thought holy crap could that be right. So I looked at a couple of bikes that had been on the dyno. All are around 140mph. In 5th gear at 6200rpm.Now this doesnt take wind resistance,hills or clutch slip into account and some other things I probably missed. The bikes seem to have the gearing to do that speed. So if your motor will pull to redline in 5th or 6th your flying and crazy!!!


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Had my dog about 120 one time, it had more in it but
I backed off because of the other drivers around me.


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Wow, you guys must've duct-taped your hands onto the handlebars or something! :lol: You ever see a fly hanging onto your car windshield for all he's worth, then eventually getting blown off, well...that's how I felt at only 105mph on my '05 Chopper! Can't imagine how it would feel at the speeds you're talking about..yikes! :eek::loony:

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I can't imagine going that fast. Anything over 100-110 and I get really nervous. I guess it goes with getting old. I remember being 17 or 18 and taking a modified V45 Interceptor to over 140 and thinking it was nothing.


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Well I have had mine a little over 120 (according to the speed and others around me). She was not redline and may have got more, given enough room.

That said old Fiber may not had it in him to hang on much more on the Mastiff. The bike was stable, but being in the open, just to damn risky for me, one slip and it could have lights out Maria! Plus since it was on an open highway, no buffer for error what so ever.

We will see how the Buell does some day.

Now let me tell you about driving a Opel Calibria with twin turbos down the Autostrata in Central Italy, 280 KPH (around 175MPH) with room for more if it wasn't for the fast approaching curve. All while listening to some great Rock-n-Roll blasting from the stereo and air conditioning keeping it nice. Of course, if it had been Germany, some smart ass in a Ferrari would have blink their light in the left lane to let you know they are coming around and move it on over!


I dont really know.... I know its been past 120.. if the speed o is corect..... my eyes begin to shake from the wind really bad over 110.. so its hard to focus on the speed.... need a full face helmet for that....


I remember doing 160+ on my sport bikes. But now on on my BD 100-110+ is about all I want out of it before I soil my pants, and my cheeks seem to take flight around 90....damn I getting fat.......


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I got mine up 120 plus before I realized I was going that fast. It still had more, but I wasn't wearing a diaper :lol: so I backed off real quick :lol:

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I had a RF900R up to 120 without even realizing it,it had plenty more to go,but I didn't.On the wolf,I've done 85,but I felt it,two different animals


I got mine up 120 plus before I realized I was going that fast. It still had more, but I wasn't wearing a diaper :lol: so I backed off real quick :lol:

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I recommend "Depends"!!!! Mandatory riding gear for full throttle BD runs!!!!!:cheers::2thumbs::cheers: