Avon Cobra Tires for BD Wolf

Energy One


There is around 150 Bid Dog Wolf bike that BDM has built, as per Chris Theobald from BDM.
I have exchanged by e-mail with Avon tires.
Avon tires are willing to reproduce the mold and the tire if they have a request of 500 tires and the funds
money to start.
Avon stated that they need close of 45 weeks to start from the beginning to the end, since they have destroy the mold, but still have the pattern.
BDM are aware of it, since I send them all the information by e-mail.
BDM does not have a solution yet and I am not sure if they are interested to invest funds to reproduce the tire thru Avon Tires.
HDM , Donna & Derek are still working to fabricate a smaller wheel diameter (18 x 8.5) with a 240-40-18 tires.
HDM are still waiting from the machine shop , since they need to send at least 10 wheels to fabricate and chrome.
This is the information that I have so far
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I have forwarded this post to my boss. Let’s see where this goes.