04 pitbull to ridgeback build

Thanks for taking us on the journey with you. I was only surprised when you said you'd never do it again !!

Looks great. Hope you get to enjoy it for as long as it took to build before you have to do anything to it again........(what are those odds ? :) )
I don’t think I will be one from the frame up, this one Was fun but allot of work and $$$ to get it going. Will be rebuilding the bbc again someday once we get setup in Florida.


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Bike just got delivered on Thursday to Panama City, took it out for about a 50 mile ride and then over to my buddy’s house. It will be in storage until we move into the new home. Felt damn good to be on 2 wheels again, I was tempted to split lanes but refrained, have to get used to Florida riding
You are wise, grasshopper.
Well finally getting it dialed in , 2020 has been a year to say the least with the move and then Covid ! I started to lose interest in riding ... I would like to say the interest is back ! The ridge is running damn good ..

stay tuned , planning on doing a build post of the big bear sled , only thing I don’t have right now is the time or the $ !

just going through the post on this build , so proud of the build ..