turbo charger for s&s 107

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So did anyone ever do this on here? I to have been wanting to fab one up.

Need a Super G carb set up for Blow through, and then can fab up pipes to make it work. just something for show and low boost. but has to be a riot.

Did a whole turbo set up on my waverunner its a blast.. chopper once done be even more attention whore at parkinglots.


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Take a look on Mr Turbo s page - they can tell you what kit fits.
another way is Mitsubishi TD 03 if you need turbocharger only -
In case of need have used TD 03 in stock in Germany.


It would look cool, for sure. For just boosting performance I'm not sure it would be worth the time and expense.
The S&S 107 isn't designed for high revs. That's why the rev limiter is set for about 5500 rpm.
On my '02 the only performance items were a .600 cam, XXX carb and straight pipes with BCT baffles.
If I nailed the throttle I would hit the rev limiter really fast!