Stolen ?


Well a lot of people tried to help and sort out this stolen (we think) bike out for the guy and the thread was dying when someone mentioned to either shit or get off the pot, BDM4 shit himself,:yesnod: changed into panties cause he feels better wearing his wife's undies,:oldhardlaugh: Jonathan threw up (not literally) one of Gary's girls for all of us to enjoy a large dose of cheeky:drool::oldhardlaugh:
It's kinda like the old saying "crap or get off the pot". hemi Is sitting on the pot but not crapping ..
We all tried...
Yep, that's what I was trying to say back when:D
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Either way, sold or stolen, plate would be different...last I knew, you can only transfer your OWN plate from old vehicle to a new one...if bike is sold, you get new plates......but then again, what do I know....
Actually, in California, if Sold or legally transferred to another party the plates stay with the vehicle . Only specialty plates stay with you.

From DMV:
In general, CA license plates are not surrendered to the DMV. They stay with the vehicle when it is bought or sold.
If you have a specialty license plate, it stays with you (the "plate-holder") to be transferred to your next car if you choose to do so. Exceptions occur only with certain plates in the case of death, such as with disability license plates.
NOTE: If you have a standard plate but then choose to apply for a specialty license plate, you will exchange your standard plate when you pick up your specialty plate from the DMV.

I doubt the bike is stolen.