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Hi I need some help from someone in the LA area. I bought a 2005 Ridgeback in Long Beach in early october 2015,an old friend a swede that has moved to LA was going to help me whit pickup and shipping to Sweden. He says I will have the bike in Sweden in early December. But on dec 08 he calls and told me it is stolen and he has reported it to the police. Now the bike is for sale at craiglist, Is there any way to check if this bike is reported stolen? I guess I was stupid trusting an old friend.. Ingemar


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Set this guy up and get him arrested. Make sure the VIN numbers match. You have a limited window but you can do it. The license plates 21E3210 are identical in the picture you posted here and the craigslist bike for sale. Do you have confirmation of money exchanging hands (bank or wire transfer, anything)? If the VIN #'s match your title and bill of sell in hand, Call LAPD West Wilshire immediately & report it stolen, tell them you know exactly where it is and make an appointment with this guy to "go over" the bike you want to buy. Maybe the COPS will even help with this. Good luck let us know what's going on..
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