stalling while riding but re-starts


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stalls while riding - will need to check but am pretty sure I lose electrical power - will have to check head light next time it stalls, has been starting after it stalls if I while a little. so starts fine, just installed new battery. at idle red light steady/ flickering, yellow light steady, green light flashing. Is this normal or is the green light a problem - have been reading shop manual and shows green light is for starter should it go out after start up.

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I had this a couple of years ago -- turned out it was a loose wire, but before I found it while trying to get home the tach fried.
Fix this ASAP or else you're likely to loose more.


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Had this same issue last year, jumpered the key switch and that cured the problem, replaced the key switch with a new one from D&D. Problem solved :chopper:


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Thank you for the replies the battery brand new, bike turns over better than ever with 400 CCA, the stalling problem I've had for a while, but not that often so hard to find because it was so intermittent, did not ride all winter, I installed a new battery then I rode last week it stalled multiple times but not until it warmed up. I took battery out unhook the connectors to the EHC clean and filled with dielectric grease check that whole area and reinstall. When weather breaks I'll get a chance to ride again and see if anything that I did helped, I'm pretty sure it's a power loss thing also I did wiggle and play with the key switch while engine was running seeing if I could get it to stall it did not, the next time it's stalls I'm hoping I can quickly check the lights on the EHC and crank it to see what I do or don't get also quickly plan to check to see if I have any power when it stalls I checking to see if my headlight is out.IMG_20190623_155810.jpg

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My negative side was so loose the the post melted. thought of everything before I figured to even check the cable. Burnt my little piggy checking lol. Start there and your grounds. If that doesn’t fix it look at your gas cap if it has a white tab on it pull it off it’s might be vapor locking I’ve have heard of that but mine was already removed. Good luck, keep the great guys on here posted and some one will figure it out if you don’t.