Pressure release


Vin Cent

Having problems starting my bike battery is good and full charge pull plugs turns over fine put plugs back in has problems start and turning over mite need new pressure release is there any manual pressure release valves that can be put in our bigdogs I have a 2006 bigdog k9


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U should be able to reach in the top of the rocker box now and push them manually....they r automatic or u can push them in manually

Mr. Wright

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Lets check them first.
Pull the green wire off your starter solenoid, so it won't turn over.
Next put you finger in the hole in the middle of you valve covers, and hit the start button.
You should be able to feel them move.

john sachs

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As 1 who does a shit load of cylinder heads, something I'm finding more frequently with S&S and also Harley Davidson Twin Cam engines with automatic compression releases is the vent holes in the exhaust port to the release itself get clogged up (packed) with oily carbon. I use a .150" round rod to clear the passages on Twin Cam engines, and a thinner diameter wire on S&S heads. Remove the compression release and exhaust, and have at it.