In and out of gear while in 3rd.


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This thread never really got closure. My bike is down more than it’s up, literally, and I can’t afford to ship things out and pay $$$ to fix. So I buy the parts and do the repairs. The BigDog and I have a love/hate relationship... love it while it’s running, hate it when it’s not .

My bike just started popping out of 3rd again yesterday. Had this problem in Sept 2016. I replaced some shift forks and some bearings the first time...PLEASE let us know what parts to replace and/work needs done.

Original HK2520 bearing



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Uh, my intro was done 11 years ago. I did read every entry from page 1 through. I know Andrew (bigdogtech01) rebuilds the transmissions. My question is what is it that he does that bullet-proofs them. I’ve had this issue twice now, and I’d like to rebuild it and not have any more issue. Is there a way to replace the crap ass bearing with something more solid?

My bike is down more than up, broken more than ridable. I’ve only got 73k miles on it, I would have 2 or 3 times that if it weren’t for constant down time. From EHC’s, to clutch issues (I was one of the first to have the 08 slipping clutch problem... took Baker and Tampa BigDog 6 months to figure out that issue).

Anyway, I would simply like to know what I need to do to make this damn transmission solid.