Handlebar Conversion


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Pknowles had mentioned that he put 08 pitbull handlebars on his 09 k9 he also said Blacktopper was the first to do the handlebar conversion along Derrick and Donna. PK said it moves the handlebars about 3" closer to the seat.
I thought it was good information to put here for us short people.
Well.. I'm 6' and I thought the factory set up was too close and really kinda uncomfortable.. I went with drag bars to extend my height by about 2 inches and out about 2 inches.. u got the opposite problem bruh! Lol

Jersey Big Mike

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any shorter guys out there with k9s want to trade bars for my 2008 pitbulls? I been looking for a set of bars with less pull back and would rather stick with oem big dog bars to avoid a headache then go with something custom.:old2:
I've got a set or 2 of k-9 bars and a set from a ridgeback.
I'll pm you some pics in the next day or two.