Dyno Results...

Energy One


I like the curves better with the baffles. You are way down on torque and hp at anything under 4000 rpm without them. One of the things I like best about the 117 S&S is the low end grunt. I think a longer duration cam will just move the curve to the right.
Great results in any case!
How are y'all getting the belt to hold up on the K9? The K9 has a 1" belt going to the rear. My 04 chopper has a 1 1/4" belt going to the rear pully. I also have both new pullys. One coming off the transmission and a new Mad Clown pully on the rear wheel. With the belt properly adjusted. If I romp on it from a dead stop or at any speed under 20 mph most of the times my rear belt will jump a tooth. And yes my belt is new also. Now I have a 107 motor. Have not Dynoed the bike but S&S says this motor should be putting out around 105 - 110 hp. So if y'all are dynoing 133hp how are y'all keeping the belt from jumping teeth???? Also I'm running a BDL open primary with a ball bearing lock up clutch. That might explain why there is no give for slippage!
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