Big Dog Biker 2021! 14 Years.

Energy One


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Thank you! I have really enjoyed the forum and look forward to lot of years on my Dog because of all you guys do!
I will be signing up for the membership.
Again thanks!


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Eric is there still any of them coins left didn't get one ?
Yea, absolutely we have plenty to last us probably a few years unless more folks contribute, there was a minimum to order due to the molds. I see your PayPal was on June 9th I will get one out in the mail to you shortly!

Just so everyone is aware all the supporting members helped to fill the coolers with refreshments beers & soda for everyone at Daves in May! So thank your brothers on the forum! If we can start some meetups in other areas we can look at doing something similar just reach out to me.


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Thanks Eric.
Yeah I renewed my membership on the 9th when I got on it popped up in notifications and said my renewal is due.

That little increase in renewal fee is Way fair in my opinion. I would’ve gladly paid twice that. If it wasn’t for this forum there’s been a few times my bike would’ve been sitting not running for extended periods of time because of lack of information to repair it in a timely manner. Because of all of you I was able to get a shop manual for my bike and with said manual and wiring diagram ( and some pointing in the right direction from the fine folks on here ) I was able to pinpoint a couple electrical problem I was having and repair it in a much shorter timeframe.
I would like to thank all of the people that makes this forum possible and The members That so graciously helps keep our bikes running with knowledgeable information and the vendors for the parts to make it possible.


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I'm either out witted or just plain dumb. But I cannot seem to find the button to pay for my upgrade. I had no problem last year with my payment. I just keep getting a statement saying that my supporting upgrade expires on 7-06-21. Screen Shot 2021-07-04 at 11.53.04 AM.png


Just upgraded, only been a member for a short time but I reckon the information I have got from reading through the posts has saved me more than the membership fee already, being from Australia I will be more than happy to pay any additional costs for shipping