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It sure is, cant go wrong with a Real Battery Tender. That one is 12Volts, the higher the amperage the shorter the charge time. I have one of those and it works great, also have 2 of the double bank systems at 12V 1.25amps they will bring a battery back from the dead in an hour or 2. :chopper:
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I bought a couple of chargers from Mad Dog years ago. They do the same thing and desulfates the cells. That's what it says anyway.


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Formula goes something like this:
Numbers for volts and letters for lead post position and/or poles swapping w/amp rating. So if we buy a 12N12a battery, move the decimal point to the right of 12 and then this represents 1.2a. This says you need at least a 1.2 amp rated charger. To charge the battery, the remaining formula says to charge the battery for literally 12 hours with a 1.2a charger.

If say you buy a 12N14a battery, you won't fully charge a 1.4a battery with a 1.2a charger. So you run formula to buy the charger needed for said battery. And then you use a 1.4a or higher [1.5a rated say] charger and charge it for 14 hours with a 1.4a rated charger.

Now say you have an 8 or 10a car charger. The problem with this is the chance of overheating the battery if charged too long. So you feel the body case for heat. Problem being: the bubble size. Meaning, the difference between a boiled water bubble as opposed to champagne bubbles. The large bubbles will blow out, buckle the plates with that kind of heat [rating].

Make sense?


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Desulphating chargers are good but you shouldn't be using that feature too often. The best method is to charge the battery to full, discharge it to a low level, then desulphate as it recharges. Some of the desulphating chargers don't incorporate those steps in an automatic sequence thereby risking a lowered battery life.


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I have had no issues for over ten years! I have two plus a double unit in the barn.


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Are your chargers TRUE desulphator type operating in the method I mentioned or are they labeled as high freq. charging/desulphator? There's a difference. The latter type minimally desulphate(perhaps better than nothing, I guess!). Years ago Vector made a true desulphator that took no less than 24hrs & longer to properly desulphate.


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Let’s not get overheated here and keep this thread going in the right direction, here’s what I use on all my batteries whether is a an atv, pwc, riding mower or my motorcycle. Works great and desulfates the battery plates for longer life span
BatteryMINDer Model 2012-AGM: 12Volt-2 Amp Battery Charger Maintainer/Desulfator for Odyssey, Optima and AGM Lead-Acid Batteries - Designed for Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, ATV, Boat, RV, etc.