WTB - luggage rack for 300 tire on '06 K9

Energy One


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Thanks Again "Mr. Wright"! and others that made these Manuals Available ! :old2:
--Good Job!

This is nothing short of FANTASTIC! Everything I could ever expect to need covering maintenance of my 2004 Chopper and perhaps for other members and their Big Dogs! :chopper:

I did not know this was here; actually via Dropbox but a heartfelt THANK YOU! for all you have done! :old2::patriot:

PS: Don't know how long the Manuals were Available, or how I missed out... Not as smart as you guys...
They deserve a "tab" of their own 'MANUALS' some where; --where all members can read and enjoy! other than this embedded link within a Thread; or find via "search" button.
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Or if you want aftermarket racks check out wsw
Designed by Curtis welded me ..
Here are some pics of some racks I welded before chroming.26DCB426-9F31-462D-A794-75F522AF4045.jpeg26DCB426-9F31-462D-A794-75F522AF4045.jpeg

Brent Herridge

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Thanks for the reply, but I just bought the one from FB. Literally clicked it as this message came in.

I like the look of the big dog rack. $250 is bad enough, but $375 is getting a little ridiculous.