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Would you buy another Big Dog??

Would you buy another Big Dog??

  • Yes

    Votes: 774 78.1%
  • No

    Votes: 127 12.8%
  • Maybe

    Votes: 90 9.1%

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I had an 03 Pitbull in my avatar for a few years. Loved that thing, I used to beat that bike up and never had any real issues.

I sold it and ended up with a Road Glide of all things, sold that, ended up with stripped down bobber, and now I find myself looking for a DOG again. Reading this site the past few weeks lots has changed since I got rid of the pitbull. Never heard of Wire Plus or PDM or any of those harnesses. Sounds neat.

I've got my eye on another 03. I figure it's what I know, doesn't have any of the proprietary stuff on it, and most importantly probably the one I can afford!!! Got my eye on one that might be just up my alley.

Wish me luck, if I start posting's cause I got another one!
god luck


2007 Bulldog/2009 K-9
Well I can say this, nothing beats the feeling when your riding with top of the line Harley's and top of the line Indians which I do almost every weekend. You all pull up you park walking away to grab a beer and look back to a line of top of the line bikes and know the baddest one there is your dog. Everywhere you go!!! No matter what you pull up next to. Unless it's another big dog. Lol. So needless to say sold my Harley's and in the last 9 months have bought 3 dogs. I could never ride anything else again. Most dogs you see are on average 10+ years old and still the baddest bikes on the road. Everything takes maintenance. Do you homework and know your bike, listen to it and these guys and nothing is that hard to fix.

DrRx- "DOC"
2007 bulldog/2009 K-9