Voltage regulator burned up!

Gary Bare

One from Bigdog
They sending new one free.
Told them check out before they send.
Hope new one works.
I just know the engine light stays on when i ride it. Goes off at idle, but from red light to red light comes on.
How did you get one from Big Dog? They went out of business in 2011.
Unless you mean Kansas Motorcycle Works or "Big Dog is Back" as they like to call themselves now.
If it is anything other than CompUFire or Cycle Electric I would not install it.
You should use CompUFire but in your case you will need the 3 phase 40amp system due to the additional power needed for the fuel pump, efi etc.

CompUFire 3 phase 40 amp system

There is a thread on here somewhere on installing it to a BD.
EFI bikes came with a 32Amp. Not sure why a 40amp is being recommended.
BD referred to their charging system as a 40amp

The charging system is a 40A system"

Certainly the carbureted bikes only need 32 but in the interest of safety I prefer to recommend the 40 amp system by CompUFire for the EFI bikes.