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So with excessive blow by, it's got no where to go. So it' not blowing these head gaskets because they are Cometic which realistically are impossible to blow. They are just seeping past. So I'll find out tomorrow for sure. Hoping to go to Dallas this weekend and ride the bike, so that'll tell too..
That statement "Cometic head gaskets are realistically impossible to blow is dead nuts WRONG.
Cometic makes, and supplies a lot of the engine manufacturers, including S&S, head gaskets.


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That's sucks I've been there several years ago, I was kidding I actually sold the pitbull Thursday evening it was only listed a few days
Well nothing is final yet.. I'm a firm believer in let no man undo what God put together.. so we shall see.. she tells me she loves me periodically and wants hugs and kisses.. so just ride the wave. Just because she filed and all that don't mean it's done..
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Yeah bro.. I've had this thing apart so many times already, the speed of putting it back together and tearing it down is insane. Lol
I had a rear cylinder gasket go today and had to tear down the rear cylinder. I could not believe how long it takes to properly remove the rocker boxes, rockers and head. Removing bolts in small increments in a correct pattern takes a lot of time. Especially having to go back to the manual to check the pattern. Nothing quick about it. Small increments means having to repeat the pattern 5 to six times per component, just for the tear down.