Suggestions (helpful only please)

Jersey Big Mike

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So I recently got Iron Crosses. A large one and a smaller one.
The goal is to put them on the primary, large on on derby cover, smaller on in front over stator pulley location.

The problem is the covers on the 08 K-9 DSSC primary are concave, the crosses are flat on the back.

If anyone has any easy ideas I would appreciate some opinions.

And thanks to Robert (41bigdawg) and Cinde for getting me the Iron Crosses!


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Those covers are just cosmetic. If you take them off you will have a flat surface to mount the crosses. The only question is how to mount them. 3M makes a tape that is really strong that should hold them. It is like tar in tape form.

Jersey Big Mike

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I can make you a plate, give me a call.
That was one that that crossed my mind -- This might get me moving on getting my CNC built -- I should be able to do them in aluminum on it once I've got it up and running.
I was pretty sure that a replacement plate was going to be the easy fix, just thought I'd put it out there if I missed something.


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I added this cover to mine on the cam side using Hi Temp gasket sealer. Tried J B Weld first an that didn't hold. Just sayin'.