Starting issues ??

Just bought 2006 be ig dog mastiff..I k now know electrical nightmare..anyways I like big dog ....rode in home no o problem beside the fact tac wasn't working ..all good ..get home and blinkers start flashing with no key in ignition I diconect battery to save battery from reconnectng time turn key to run nothing turn key back off now left turn signal indicator on..not blink ing not light just indicator solid I discounted again .buy new battery fully charged ....connect.turn key nothing..same when reconnecting wire by chance I connected positive then neg ..but when laying around with wires the positive lead from black box I believe to be wired into ehc that was originally on positive termanal when I connect that wireless with key on bike lights up and will run ..I'm a little lost ..


Just like to ride
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Make sure the new battery is fully charged and has @ least 310 cca. These bikes take a lot to turn over. Take a short video and post to youtube. You can post the link and we can see what you are dealing with.