Spring Cleaning with Shannon



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This is where we were on the down hill slide. I have built a to. Of cars and have seen some pretty cool stuff in my time, but watching this project come together was amazing. I am a very picky person and I can say with all honesty, that this is the first time I have let someone take the resins and trusted them. I couldn't be more happy with the results. The job and polishing along with the paint work has exceeded my expectations. Brother my wife will tell ya that is a hard thing to do! Special thanks to Shannon, Sniper and Mike (polisher) and most of all Shannon's beautiful sweet wife Rosalee (sp ) for putting up with is and all the late nights. She's a wonderful hostess. Always polite and pleasant she greeted me everyday with a smile and positive attitude. You got a real gem there brother. I know you know that. I have a couple more pics before I wrap this thread up. It has been a blast!
The whole bike looks absolutely amazing but that sissy bar is a show piece!!!
I would think Kendall sends them out to the shop in NV. The diamond cut is patented, and I did pull the patents I don't think there is any way legally they could be done. There is two different cut patterns that are patended by those folks in NV.

Quite honestly after seeing their patents and the price is reasonable. No reason to go elsewhere.

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Agree, I have had them do both of my motors and love the diamond cut.

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Was a lot of fun. Need to get started on the mastiff. I need to put it up for sale once it's all done.

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I have problems with quite a bit of the older links too. And as far pics go I still don't know how to get mine on here. Lol
See the upload file button, next to the post reply button. Click on that, go to your pictures, and double click on the picture you want. It will take you back, and you can watch it up load. Then click on full image.
Don't worry, it took me forever too.
I'm going to try to edit some of the pictures on the thread, tonight and tomorrow night.