Show your exhaust

Guy Camacho

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dman4, Nice , not sure if you have the time to check shipping cost to Hawaii my zip, 96704 ,
how much are looking to get for them ? I’m sure shipping cost is going to be high ..

Mr. Wright

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Does your Wife's foot get hot from the exhaust? I've been thinking of get one of these and hanging up the FSD pipes on the Mastiff.
My wife rides her own. But yes, when she does ride with me, she'll hold her foot out to cool her toes off. And if you look close, you will see, my exhaust has been cut off, so it doesn't point up anymore.

Mastiff Rider64

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what would be fair price for used pipes like these but not cut,used about three months from 06 k9
New price is about 850 to1,000 depending where you buy them at. I've been doing a lot of research on this pipes, especially when i was looking for the phantom for my bagger. Supertrapp has discontinued the phantom line all together now. So there will be no more of these made so just like everything else no replacement parts. Used with every thing including ( flanges, retaining springs, mounting hardware) not cut, i'd offer 600. + shipping.