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Just recently improved on a an enviable bike. Mine is a 2005 Pitbull with 15.5K on it. It now has new lifters, seals, S&S rockers and rocker boxes, a shiny new Baker belt drive, and a 600 Cam. This thing screams now! For all of the 05' owners with TP rocker boxes: GET THE GEOMETRY CORRECT! Can't emphasize this enough. Love it all over again.



Let the Big Dawg eat !
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Life is full of difficult I ride the Bad Azz Pit Bull or drive the Corvette...cant imagine having to make that decision every day? :chopper:


How many miles until you usually have to worry about redoing rocker boxes and checking lifters and such on these bikes?


About 12K. There's an uncomfortable lead time on the belt drives though. Do it in the winter for sure. Your one degree off on the rotation with the TP set up. I've heard a few folks complain about blue smoke after the rocker change. Check everything if you go belt drive. Especially the left side motor seal. Change it out if necessary. After that the effin bullet heads will wonder why you're right there with em'. Enjoy!