right side forward control assembly


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on the way to Sturgis this time the dog almost landed me in the obits. while pushing hard on the right side peg to relax a cramp, the whole thing let go and I lost the forward control, brake assembly, lever, etc. it appears that the two bolts which hold the assembly to the frame just broke with no warning.
I was moving along in the far left lane a bit over 75 mph in very heavy traffic and with the hand of God was able to avoid dumping the bike and get across the other two lanes onto the shoulder. the traffic was so heavy three lanes wide that I couldn't get to the far side to look for the assembly before being picked up by the roll off.
anyhow, it is great to be alive, back home and looking for the parts needed. thanks for any help, chuck



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That is just crazy? Glad you are ok! :)

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I don't have the part that bolts to the bike, I do have the I guess you would call it the lever?



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Holy shit glad you made it. Very strange bolts would just snap like that from you pushing on it. Now I want to go and jump on my controls to see if they hold up.


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I had one bolt on the rigid snap on me I was able to zip tie it up and rode home with my foot on the primary and didn't use the rear brake.

Really odd both would brake at the same time! Wonder if one was already broken then the other broke causing the mess.

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I had one break on me on my trip to Panama City Beach a couple of years ago -- Had 70 miles to go and I just safety wired it to the frame and didn't use the brake. Had to by drill and drill outs at the local Ace hardware to fix while on the road.

Glad your ok, it's nerve wracking when shit like this happens.

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Wow scary. So you were unable to find it? Wasn't the brake cable still attached?

Usually what occurs is the bolts come loose, Maybe had been serviced and we not torqued/loctite'd to spec.

Once they loosen, the bolts can easily shear off.

Sorry for you troubles.


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thanks for the thoughts and comments. it happened so damn quick ----the brake line tore off as the unit passed under the bike.
I don't think either of the bolts were loose but who knows. I am thinking that just two bolts might be a little wimpy for the right hand mount (the left forward control has THREE bolts to the frame instead of two).
when I reinstall, I would like to see if there is a way to at least use larger bolts.

for you guys at the Sturgis ride tomorrow---shiny side up, chuck