Kerker exhaust

Lumi Ints

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Hi, I would like to replace stock exhaust on my 2007 Mastiff. Like the sound of Kerker exhaust which was standard on BD models on 2003.
Does anyone know, can I install it on my bike ( 300 rear, RSD ) ? How much additional work does it need? BR. Indrek127042243.jpg


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I have a Kerker on my 2000 Prosport. They were factory installed. But my bike is left hand drive and a dyna style frame. You could call bigdogpartsking. They may be able to give you more information. IMG_0820.JPG


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You would need a Custom Bracket for sure, but you still may not have the clearance you need to go past the drive. IMO, I don't think it would work without heavy modification.