Instrument Dash Lights on Big Dog Mastiff 2007 Model

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Hi, I own a 2007 Big Dog Mastiff in Australia, so there are very few here in this country. Im trying to find out what the different settings on instrument panel mean. Of course i know the speedo, & trip settings, but there are a few other signs i dont recognize. Can anyone let me now.
Thanks Gary


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Hi Gary, do you have a digital or analog speedometer? What other indications are you seeing? There is the turn signal light, high beam indicator, oil pressure light , a check engine light and of course the tachometer across the top.


Hi Tim
I know all the indicators you are saying. Its when you press the button in middle of speedo, theres your A & B trip meters plus total milage (klm here) then theres other symbols showing at each press of button that i dont know. Its digital on my Big Dog