In the paint booth again


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Looks nice Mr. Wright... Shading is well done and graphics are cool! Maybe consider pinstriping the graphics? Makes them POP and helps differentiate the red/black. Always liked Dave Perewitz
work because of the way he stripes his stuff every-time!

Mr. Wright

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Humm. The only thing missing is : Set of pipes, air kit, chrome front end
One thing at a time. We're trying to get it road worthy, incase we have a couple more good riding day, before the snow flies. Fixing to tear the K9 down again and do a flame job on it, along with a motor upgrade, and new seat.


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That came out really Nice! :oldthumbsup:
Hope you can enjoy it as we are looking at it!
No need to be so critical trying for perfection; you are close enough. :cheers: