Help! 2004 bulldog rear shocks length same as pre 2000 softail?

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Hi guys,

I am about to replace the rear shocks on my 2004 big dog by Fournales Pan Cruise oleoneumatic shocks, who seem to be the best option for my ageing back.
They are cheaper here in Europe than in the US (made in France), and should work with a tiny modification (taking some material out)
I have read that quite a few early Big Dogs have had them fitted, but, just to make sure.

Can you CONFIRM that the shocks on the 2004 Big Dog Bulldog are the same length as pre 2000 softail?

Thanks in advance!



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Fournales are arriving next week, not super fast but incredibly knowledgeable and helpful people! They build undercarriage for major plane manufacturers! Great people!
That’s awesome! Mine took 8 weeks to get rebuilt at Worx’s. But I am very happy! Nice looking ride Brother! Cheers to getting it back on the road! :cheers: :chopper: