FS 2007 Big Dog Mastiff


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2007 Big Dog Mastiff

Vin: 5J11MBJB87W000484

Approximate Mileage: 11, 339 (may go up slightly with the nice hot weather here right now)

Paint: Upgraded paint scheme black base with silver flames pinstriped in red

2nd owner (Purchased in 9/2012) – not interested in trades…cash is king…have title in hand!

This is my dream bike and hate to let it go but I am just not able to get out and ride anymore. The bike has a 300mm rear tire and put down ~123hp/140tq to the wheel on the dyno! (pic of the dyno sheet below)

Please Call/Text me if you are seriously interested. Contact me at 217-Six 3 eight – 3 one 7 six. Located in Central IL.

ASKING: $9,999 with all additional items listed in the Details





- Have original owner’s manual and advertisement from the paper (Original asking price in 2007 was 31.25K)

- Service records from Hollywood Motors, Gateway Cycles, and Ross Motorcycles from 2007 to present

- Original owner had the following installed:

- Daisy Cutter Exhaust (retail $600)

- 18” Sissy bar (retail $215)

- Chrome Head Bolt Covers with BDM Logo (retail $50)

- Further Customization by Me are as follows:

- Dakota Digital Speedometer, Red Readout (retail $245)

- New Front and Rear tires, ~ only 2,800 miles on the set! (Rear: 300/35R18 AV72, Front: 120/70-21 Cobra, retail $640 w/ dyna beads for balancing)

- New Brake pad ~ only 2,800 miles on it

- Performance ignition module twin cam (retail $250)

- Performance Cam, .650 Woods (retail $250)

- Upgraded roller rocker arm set (retail $475)

- Spring Kit (retail $235)

- Red Thunder Jet (retail $65)

- S&S Intake (retail $560)

- New Headlight Assy, Chrome (retail $175)

- Exhaust Wrap, Black

- Valve Job, Bronze Valve guides, hone cylinders, machine for T-jet, CC heads and machine, machine cylinder deck for zero clearance (retail $830+parts)

- Dyno Tune (retail $150, have dyno sheet from Gateway cycles, 123hp/140tq)

- Power Mirrors (retail $200)

- K&P Micronic Oil Filter (retail $160)

- Aftermarket Spike Grips (retail $185)

- New Battery in 8/2015 (retail $80)

- BDM Leather Bag, attached to downtube for storage

- Original stock parts (minus the exhaust) included in the sale

- Luggage Rack (retail $200)

- BDM Passenger Pad (retail $150)

- BDM Sissy Bar pad with BDM logo (retail $220)

- Scavenger Total Oil Change System (retail $60)

- BDM Cross Country Touring Bag (retail $150)

- Aftermarket Spike Grips (retail $185)

- New turn signal lens covers (retail $20)

- I am sure there are a few odds and ends I am forgetting as well!

- One original key



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I didn't think that would last long. Hell of a bike for a great price. I hope you don't miss it too badly.