Front Fork


When I finish a stop with the front brake it pops right back up. Always has. But I'm only 185 lbs. Maybe a little more pre-load for heavy riders is required.


A friend of mine with an '04 Chopper said he replaced
the PVC fork spacers with ones that were an inch longer.
Anybody hear of that method for increasing the


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My '08 K-9 has basically done it since new, but generally when I use alot of front brake for stops. Sometimes it extends on its on after the stop, but always extends upon acceleration after the stop.

Gary Bare

I have 08 Mastiff. Just bought. Left side leaking a little. Is leak causing it to handle bad? When making turns from a stop. Feels like it is pulling


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I dont think from a stop it has anything to do with the fork but i do know out on the road one leaking and getting lower than the other one will cause i hell of a what they call a death wobble....i just put a 26 on a friends bike and triple trees and it would just all the sudden do a death wobble at 35 or above....i thought what the hell so i rechecked everything i did and all sign of anything...well i tore it all back apart cause it still would do it whenever it wanted i got to thinking about it and said im going to check fork leg had zero fluild and other one right on....he bought the bike used so i guess they cleaned it all up to hide it which is bullshit it will get somone i rebuild both legs and put it all back together....he just went to panama bike rally 1300 miles round trip and all is please my friend get her fixed....i know u just bought it but who knows how much is already leaked out