finished my rear fender cut

Energy One


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Nice work, love the look.
Nice seat although a bit thin.

What pipes are those?
Are they baffled?


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Hey splitlog looking good bro, I have the same idea for my winter project, just I don't want my point as skinning. Plus I'm considering putting on dragon Springer on the bike. Is that what u have? Do u mind taking pics of your Springer front end?


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sics6 I can post some pics of my front end. Yes it's a black dragon. There are a ton of pics already on here of the front end. Look up my posts. Also look up springer or not post
If you don't have luck I can post some pics tomorrow just let me know. Can't do it tonight from my phone.


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Thanks splitlog, I just looked at your post about your springer setup. Very nice bike!! There's 3 things on my winter list, air ride suspension, cut rear fender just like the ironhorse lsc, and possibly the d-66 dragon springer front end.