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Thanks for all your concerns, replies, and prayers. Katha and I are doing really well. We are headed to our local hospital for a monoclonal antibody infusion at noon today. We will be there about 3 hours. This should speed up our recovery significantly.
Stay safe everyone.


Sorry to here, hope all goes well. Daughter and her son both recovered from it, 35yrs and 9yrs. Her husband and daughter both went on without infection.while being in the same home. They both qaunanteed within their home.


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Thanks again fir your prayers and concerns. We each received a monoclonal antibody infusion yesterday at our Hospital. I asked the nurse that was putting the IV port in my arm what was the stuff she was going to give? She replied “the best I can describe it as liquid gold”. She was right. In about 4 hours I felt like I never had COVID. It was amazing. It was the same thing President Trump received.
We are doing very well today. Still quarantined, but our daughter is making sure we have plenty to eat so we are doing good. Thanks again for the time you spent praying for us and typing such heartfelt replies. You are the best of any forum anyplace.
Look forward to seeing you at the next meet up. And Skogdog— sorry I messed up your trip to Florida:-(

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I'm so happy you're better Roger !! You and Rick hang in there and get well.

We went to Houston to visit my Mom and brother's family on Christmas Eve. We came back home the day after Christmas, and by Tuesday, all of us had it. The only people well were my daughter and niece who had covid earlier last year. It's been over a week now and we've had pretty mild symptoms overall, but its different each day, and its different for every person. The only good thing was no need to tiptoe around the house trying to quarantine - we all had it. Also answered the question about immunity - you are definitely immune for at least 6 months.......

I hope y'all rebound really quickly. I'm just so happy only Liferider and JR have had it really bad, but thankfully they pulled through it.


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Appreciate the kind that thoughts, guys. After reading JR03 and Liferider’s stories I don’t think any of us are so tough. Jonathan is genuinely one of the toughest guys I’ve ever met. Our best bet is to keep dodging the bullet until we have herd immunity.