Chopper Sofail ride quality question


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anyone know the exact part that fits a 2004 chopper?

Progressive? 422-4035c is the standard & 422-4001c is the fat guy version.

But do they fit? I found a post on here where a guy put the 422-4001c on a 2003. I assume my 2004 is the same?
I can positively answer the question. I have an ‘04 Chopper and just today 7/10/20 replaced my stock shocks with the 422-4001c. Donna at HDM told me to call Curtis at WSW for advice on correct replacement shocks as she doesn’t have any stock ones, yet. Curtis advised me the Progressive 422 for the 88-89 sftl fits my bike. Well, I just had my fav custom bike shop,Kustom Fab, here in Honolulu install the Progressive 422 4001c adjustable heavy duty shocks. KF adjusted the pair to the shortest length to lower my bike if possible and not affect shock travel. My bike dropped about a 1/2”. Curtis was correct, as usual, on the shocks. The heavy duty 422-4001c fits my ‘04 Chopper without any clearance issues. He indicated the 422-4035c standard would also fit as its smaller but up to me on std versus HD. I normally ride solo and I’m relatively light at 170#. I took the advice of a product reviewer to”do yourself a favor and get the heavy duty ones.” I took the advice as an experiment to stop a high speed wobble I’ve been dealing with from 2009. At high speed on straight aways and curves, a little bounce in my rear seemed to translate to an irritating light or slightly bouncy feeling, and front end wobble in long curves. This never happens when I’m packing a passenger. I kept thinking stiffer rear shocks might stop from feeling light. My hunch has proven correct. Or, the stiffer shocks combined with dropping my rear the 1/2” might have something to do with bike geometry and a better footing. Anyways, with the new 4001c’s there’s no light feeling or wobble at all. My bike feels solid on the high speed straight aways and curves that used to give me trouble. The ride is noticeably firmer with no hard impacts on bumpy roads. My bike feels solid! Thank you Donna and Curtis!

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I spent the big $$ with Curtis/WSW on the Fournalis, and after break-in, they are amazing. Plenty of clearance/ride height, and fantastic comfy ride.