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Last of my wife Gerry and me riding back in April 2013 before I headed overseas again. Just some nice enjoyable roads in our part of the country in the eastern Panhandle of WV.

[ame=]Gerry and Tim April 2013 3 - YouTube[/ame]


Banjo Playing PsychoBilly
One more of me out riding the Buell 1125R around the local area (not sure if this was posted before or not and if it was apologize up front). Damn I am so Jonesing to go riding.

Oh well!

[ame=]WV Short Ride Buell 1125R - YouTube[/ame]


Here's one I made up this late summer messing with the GoPro.

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>


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That is an excellent video Jay


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Haven't posted in a long while , Want to say hi to all my old friends , What a great job on the vid HUGO !!:cheers: I'm doing fine still riding my three bikes when I can ,work, family juggling ...had a good summer ..rode quite a bit ..just not posting much ... Hope all of my old friends have a safe and happy holiday season !!!


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I came across this video on youtube. Watching it makes me feel so so sad :(. Winter, please be gone.

[ame=]April BigDog Run - YouTube[/ame]


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I just checked and changed it to public, sorry, I'm trying:confused: