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Wow Kenny that bike is awesome looking. There are not to many paint jobs on these BD baggers that I like but that one is simple but cool looking. I may be naive on this but what can someone do with a stolen bike like this besides strip it down and try to sell the parts? Sorry it got stolen that really sucks. Im curious how it happened also so I can do something to try and keep it from happening to me.


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I've always wondered why BD didn't put fork locks on their bikes. I realize that doesn't make a bike theft-proof, but at least it's something. I think the next time I attend a big rally like Sturgis or Daytona, I'm going to run a lock and chain through the rear wheel and frame when it is parked out of sight. Maybe one around a fork and downtube too. It's a damn shame that you have to go to these lengths.

Kenny G

How disgusting. Makes me sick. I was worried when I was there this year.

How did they get it?

Beautiful bike.
It was parked in front of the hotel on Ocean Ave, there were 3 bikes in front of it, walked across the road to eat, came back two hours later and the bike was gone. The cops thought that I either didn't even bring it to Daytona, or had it stolen myself. I asked the hotel to see the tape of the parking lot but they wouldn't let me see it. The cops who saw it said they couldn't see anything. Never heard anything about it since then!


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Makes me rethink about going to these events. There are a ton of Harley's but just a few Big Dogs. That's most likely why ours are targeted to be stolon.