Avon 300 New Cobra Chrome - $259

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More wear on the left side of the tire is due to the parabolic camber in the road surface, all roads have it to shed rainfall.

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Twisted to the right would explain why the belt rides against the outside edge of the rear pulley, which is what I think creates the belt shavings. I'll re-measure when putting this together.

paid $197 for the 011 Verge Rear Tire from MotoSport.com. Revzilla did not have the size, and American Moto Tire (where I got the Avon cheap) didn't carry it either.

I sure hope the DynaBeads work up front. I'll probably go with them out back too.

Are DynaBeads better than other brands ? I've seen lots of bad "filtered valve cores" on some sites. Did y'all use them or normal stems ? It does seem likely that the beads could interfere with the valve and cause leaks.

Update: Just ordered E-Z Bead kit directly from their web site. Only place I could find 2 + 3 oz motorcycle kit with valve stems that look better than the weird, long "filtered" stems for trucks.
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Brent Herridge

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Thanks Mike. I do too........

It gets here tomorrow, so I hope to have it on the bike Saturday. I'll post pics of the alignment and measurements.

Beads for the front tire don't arrive till Monday. :(

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I case you haven't tracked the saga here, the new tire is finally on the bike.

Tread looks much deeper than the Avon when new. New Tire handling is great. Turns (from driveways or intersections) are nice and even now, while the worn Avon just didn't want to do anything, then it felt like it was falling over. I hope this lasts. :)

I got Dynabeads installed at the bike shop that mounted the tire to the rim. Seems like they worked well on a short 15 mile test ride today. More beads show up tomorrow to fix the front tire balance, and I hope my tire troubles are over for a while.

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Put the Dynabeads in the front tire tonight. I followed the instructions from DynaBeads and put the stem at 4:00 with some angle. However, the initial dose of a few beads stuck in the valve stem and I had to push them through with a tooth pick.

Then I put the stem at the bottom - 6:00 position, curved the tube, and slowly tapped the beads into it. They swirled down the bent tube and right through the stem. Worked like a charm. But I sure was glad I didn't have 10 times this amount of beads to dump into a huge 4 X 4 tire.

The valve stems EZ beads sent me (ordered EZ from Amazon and got Dyna from the tire shop) were the same type I had, so I just kept the original.

I checked air pressure in the rear tire, which was at the very top - exactly 12:00 - and it stuck open !! I hit it with compressed air like I've seen documented, and it came right back to normal.

Lesson - don't check pressure unless you have air ready to go.

I nearly forgot to remove the weights on the wheel but saw it at the last minute. I also felt like the rear brakes were a bit soft on the test ride last week, so I took the pads out and sanded them a little. I was a little surprised how thin the rear pads are.

How thick are they new ? Just curious what % of life I have left...


No test ride today but I'll report results Saturday. Fingers crossed..........
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The pad material new is ~1/4”. Your look to be ~3/16 So lot of life left especially on the back.

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Thanks man. Good to know.

Rode just under 200 miles today. Beads worked great up front. Can't see the rear tire but it feels ok. Front still bounces a bit, but it's like it was before and I guess normal for a friend end like this.

I'm so happy to have at least one great ride with nothing going wrong.


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have you changed the fork oil? if you have, what weight? if not, may want to drain and make sure you have 30wt in it. 20 wt is an option, but it seems like there is more bounce than I like. just personal preference.

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Have not done the forks. Blew right seal on BBBBQ trip and apparently have leaked enough oil that's it's not even leaving now.

I'll probably have Lorenzo do that in a couple of months.

I have 20W from Curtis, and being a fly weight, seems like a good fit.

I'll keep you posted.


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Brent being low on fork oil will give you some bounce, although your forks are longer the stock. Woody may be right as to running a little heavy weight oil with the extended forks.