2009/2010 Wolf rear wheel conversion 2005 Ridgeback recall wheel

Energy One


Hi All,

We didn't like the appearance of moving the brake rotor to the other side on our Wolf rear wheel conversions so we started from scratch & reworked the wheel blank to get it back to the original position. This set-up is more original and should be less hassle to install. We finally got some machine time so we'll be cutting wheels next week.

We also are making the 2005 Ridgeback recall wheels and need to know how many are still out there running cracked wheels. Also, if anyone has a any special requests for wheels, now is the time. We're running some 2010 K-9 style rears in a 250 version and doing a whole bunch of Black Anodize.

Any info or feedback on wheel / pulley needs is welcome. Just call Donna 620-257-2009

Derek McCloud

How do you go about getting the new rim part #? Thank you