2007 BIG DOG K9 for sale


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2007 Big Dog Motorcycles K-9 · Driven 32,000 miles $10.500

2007 Big Dog K9 all up dates on a new module no more electrical problems . Motor has all brand new Interior parts everything brand new in motor just the outside motor casing is the same that is diamond cut and powder coated brand new baker transmission all inner parts everything brand new in the transmission 32000 miles on the bike 2000 on new motor and Baker transmission. Purgatory with real 24 karat gold leaf in the paint job . Have all paperwork on the motor and transmission what’s been done to it. hotblues57@gmail.com18953193_1390209727731197_6468025137346263808_o.jpg0597CCCE-0296-41D5-B18D-2BFE1D897B50.jpeg56519E0A-D91D-48FE-8239-30E5E6086837.jpegC6EC0553-27BA-402F-B508-3884A64AB9A0.jpegF6538E13-F04D-4908-970C-92A69638945F.jpeg9661C682-3F43-4184-98E5-31E82C6ACD0C.jpeg
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That BigDog is Amazing! I can’t imagine why you would ever get rid of it. But friend if I had the extra cash, I would take that off your hands in a second. Where you located btw? I may see if I have the financial means to really pull it off.