07 K9 in Pittsburgh area $9800 OBO


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Beautiful bike, but to be completely honest, almost $10,000 is too much for a bike with 30,000 miles.
I’ve seen too many with under 10,000 miles sell for less.


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I'm with you H2O, I know people who try to keep there mileage low on cars and bikes and don't ride them. Why keep the mileage low so someone else can enjoy them later

Brent Herridge

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I like the green. I'm not sure about mileage. My bike had only 6800 miles when I bought it last year. I've replaced what feels and costs like half the bike. I think 12 yrs and design flaws (like the clutch) are to blame ?

Some guys say they've ridden 80K miles. It's honestly pretty difficult to know how long major parts should last.

At least the guy is honest when he admits it has that many miles. Maybe it's one of the most reliable Big Dogs ever to have amassed so many miles !!