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What do you all think of this Belt Drive?

Thunder.Struck Custom Bikes is now offering one of the most innovative belt drives available. Thunder.Struck has teamed up with RMD Billet for production of the new Soul Shaker belt drive.
Thunder.Struck's one-of-a-kind billet design features Two 1.3/4'' belts, matching outer bearing support and Barnett Scorpion clutch. Comes in polished chrome or chromed 0-2 inch offsets. Left or Right side drive available for Evo and twin cam models.

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Unique for sure. I like the outer support and the design overall. The dual belt's a bit freaky, but it could grow on ya....


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Very cool! I like the black and chrome combo.

Can anyone chime in here...

On that bike pictured, are those stainless lines just drain back oil lines running from the head to the case?

Never had seen a engine with them on it before. I always wondered what the plugs were for in my heads and case.

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That is pretty bad ass looking for sure!

Blitz, and isn't that why we have AAA? :D

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That's interesting ... because RMD was selling them at the show last weekend. No mention of a third party on them... oh well. Bottom line is that we can get them through RMD and I'm finalizing the numbers with them this week.
As far as the oil drain back lines, just look as the exhaust port as well. Can you say shovel head youngster?


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lovin that - completely agree with Jake on the black and chrome and with the two belts there aint too many gonna have that and thats what its all about - says me with a triple x carb!