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how to install your scorpio starter kill

Discussion in 'How-To' started by Gas Man, Aug 29, 2011.

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    First you start out with http://www.bigdogbiker.com/forums/how/2176-how-install-your-scorpio-alarm.html#post33946

    Then you have the starter kill to hook up

    Understand all it is, is a relay activated by the alarm unit itself.

    Now look to your bike. There is a green wire with a black sheathing over it. Its only like 14 gauge or so. Its a "signal or switch wire" coming from your EHC to tell your starter to "GO" when you push the start button. There is no real power consumption here its similar to car radios where you have a main power and a switchable power. The switchable power just simply tells whatever its connected to, to power up. In this case, telling the starter to start the bike drawing its power from its larger 4 gauge power that comes straight from the battery.

    So allow me to use a little make shift MS Paint diagram.

    Before the alarm is installed

    You can see the ends of the wiring from the starter kill. Now all you have to do is put the starter kill/relay inline so it runs like this

    Now I set it up with spade connectors that are just like what bdm uses to connect the existing wire to the starter.

    Now i did this for my "what if" quick re-wire, cause I'm a constant worrier.

    You need one wire, I picked black so it blends in. On that wire put a female end and a male on the other end. Now on the wires coming from the starter kill relay put a male on one of them and a female on the other.

    The separate "black" wire female end goes to the starter. The male end goes to the female relay wire.

    Plug the female bdm wire into the male end going to the relay.

    Then if for some weird reason the thing goes crazy, simply unplug the bdm wire (female) from the relay wire; unplug the black wire (male) from the other relay wire. Connect the black male wire to the bdm female. Then you have simply returned the bike to normal with no alarm.

    Did that make any sense? Its really quite simple.

    Now that being said, I have had mine setup this way for 2 years with NO... I repeat NO problems or any need to use the "what if". but its also nice to have, cause it wouldn't take anything to remove the alarm if you had some ehc problem (not related) but didn't want to have BDM have any reasons to out themselves.

    You still need to run these wires but you could do without the connectors if you want and don't desire the "what if".

    It truly works well. With the alarm on you turn the key on, and it alarms, hit run, hit the start and then it alarms more but doesn't start. With out the starter kill, it would alarm when the key was turned on but it would still start.

    Hence the reason why I run the starter kill.

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