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So we have our final competitors, and with a 4 way tie for 9th place, that takes us up to 12 entries.

Each member gets 2 votes and I'll close voting Saturday night, well past April Fool's Day.

Let the voting begin!!!
2016 Big Dog Biker Calendar

  • No blatant nudity – Topless or bottomless with some sort of coverage, like arms crossed over breasts. Lingerie and bikinis are perfectly acceptable. Normal clothing, leathers, chaps, t-shirts, jeans or shorts are also acceptable. Basically whatever the model feels comfortable in.

  • Image Resolution – 2048px x 1536px is the minimum. The higher the resolution the better the images look printed and the easier it is for me to edit and create the layouts.

  • Number of images – I recommend taking a lot of pictures and choosing the ones you like the most for submission. Submission requires a minimum of 6 images, preferred is 8 – 10. This allows more room for designing the layout.

  • Image orientation – Please include photographs taken in the portrait (image taller than wider) and landscape (image wider than taller) orientations, this aids in the design.

  • Preferred Month – There will be no guarantees made, but please submit the top 4 months the model would prefer to be featured.

  • Details – Please include your screen name, the year and model of the bike as well as the first name of the model.

  • DeadlineThe deadline for submission will be November 1st. This allows for designing the layouts and getting everything online before December.
Photography Tips:
  • Choose a bright sunny day for your photo shoot.
  • Watch for shadows from surrounding objects.
  • The sun should be in front of the model with the shadows behind the bike/model.
  • Be aware of the background. You don’t want a telephone pole...
Interest has peaked again and I did order extra coins last time.

Price, $18/piece ($15/piece for supporting members). Shipping is $5 with a tracking number, priority mail.

International shipping will be on a case by case basis.

Send an email with your screen name and email address to bigdogbiker.orders@gmail.com and I will send out an invoice from PayPal.

There can be some lag time between your email and me sending out an invoice. I'm not at home and my internet connection is fair on a good day so please be patient. I'll leave ordering open for a while, I normally do not monitor this email address unless we have something going on. I found a few orders and will invoice those tonight/this morning.

NOTE: There is only one coin design. The picture is of two coins, one showing the front and the other showing the back. All coins have the same front and back designs on them.
The 2016 Redwood Run is guaranteed to be the best
Old School Biker Party on the West Coast.

Live Music All Weekend • Bike & People Games • Wet T-Shirt Contest
Mechanical Bull • Vendors • Great Food • Beer & Cocktails
Unofficial Titty Alley • On-Site Camping • Lots More!


Will you be here?
This is something we had way back when we started Big Dog Biker... and then it was "broken" somehow and never worked again.

But one of the benefits of moving to this new software was the strong support and following... and the talented programmers.

So, a Big Dog Biker Members Map is back and working like a champ. It may take a couple more days for it to fully render all members locations, if it can, so if you don't see your location, give it a day or two.

The Member Map pulls the location you entered in your profile. This can be your city/st/country or zip code. I've even tested down to my exact address, and that works perfectly... I don't recommend it. Essentially, any location that Google maps can render, you can use in your Location section.

Your profile location

User Map - found under the "Members" tab