Your Longest Duration Without Owning A Sled?

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Was just discussing this with Mick and thought it might make for good subject matter.

What is the longest period you went without owning a sled and why did you get rid of it in the first place?

Also, what made you get another? assuming you did so... thinking.gif


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24 years, then 13 years. traded for a Porsche. Bought the big dog as a retirement toy that turned into a project. When I was 31 , I sold my bike, hang glider and Jeep but kept the F4. My wife was concerned my head spent more time in a helmet than on a pillow. Got another sled at 50, sold it at 55 for the Porsche, then got the Big Dog at 68. Still have the Porsche.


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My first bike in 1971, never been without at least one since then..
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Damn it man! That’s the 1st bike I had as a kid to. 60 mini enduro. Started riding in ‘72 & have owned a dirt bike ever since. Went for a spell of about 10 years without a street bike until I bought the Vintage Sport Chopper a couple years ago. Still have my 1983 YZ 250 & it runs like a top. :cheers:AFAEA34A-C04C-42B8-8338-9E7BEFD09B15.jpeg