I bought this used from a member years ago , I used it once and been in a box ever since. During a trip in Phoenix the rubber gasket between the windshield and bracket basically melted so i put gasket material between the two surfaces as you will see in picture. Also it has some hairline cracks in bottom bracket but doesn’t affect it in anyway. Its dirty and used , not new by any means but still usable. If your interested PM and make me an offer , rather go to someone than sit in a box. Buyer pays shipping AEF5B28A-1CB8-40C3-A2AD-F2897E194828.jpegAEF5B28A-1CB8-40C3-A2AD-F2897E194828.jpeg85AC5E56-D1D4-4A96-A931-32ED375B4E80.jpeg303B356B-D487-4A95-8822-27D1C0757519.jpeg9CA038FB-E6CD-4CFA-B8DD-9C005D5C40F3.jpeg

Mr. Wright

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To tall for what I'm looking for, but FYI to who ever buys it. I can make a new bracket for it.