What type of fluid?

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Hello, I will be getting a new to me 2002 BD Pro Sport with 3500 miles on it. So it seems it has been sitting most of its life but well taken care of. I thought the first thing I should do is change out all of the fluids that I can like Oil and filter, primary and trans fluids. I searched all over the forum and it seems everyone uses different brands so I emailed someone at BD and they replied with this info but I have never seen it mentioned on here.

We use Bel Ray brand lubricants in all of our bikes.:
Motor Oil: 20W-50 Mineral based (non-synthetic): $8.75 each
Primary Fluid: Primary chaincase fluid: $11.25 ea
Transmission Fluid 85W-140: Big Twin Transmission oil: $12.50 ea

Do any of you use this brand recommended by BD?



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You will get about about 50 different answers and they are all good. I use Redline oils only because that is what my dad used to sell and I have a case of it left over. Some use Dino oils, some use synthetics. The synthetics do not break down as bad in the heat. Bel-Ray makes a great product and you can't go wrong.


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I was surprised to see that they did not use Synthetic oil just because it seems so mainstream today. I ask them was there a reason they do not use synthetic oil and the response was...

The simple answer regarding synthetics is that it increases the risk for oil leaks.


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Here at Squid-City-Cycles, we believe in chemistry and its science. We find that the higher the ester properties the better we pour. At the back of the shop, we have Turtle popping valve covers and checking valve clearances on the boss' race bikes. Turtle has seen enough finishes on cam lobes, piston skirts, cylinder walls to notice the difference between ester and mineral based oils. Asslow as Turtle is, he's thinking about how polished the cam becomes. He then comes across a polished floor at the grocery store and slips on it some. He then formulates; Polish divided by Friction = More HP.

Here at City-Of-Squids-Cycles, we had one of Turtle's garage schlongs call a dealer and asked who goes in what where? The short call says the parts guy mentions; to paraphrase a quote: 'run multi grades if you run non-syn, or run all syn [from the same can] in all 3 cavities.' Turtle just laughed when the meat puppet has been pouring a mix of straight 50w/10w30/20w50, or whatever is around the shop so it adds up to 4 qts of show me the damage we mix and/or match.

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I'm sure all the oils are just fine. What ever you choose stick with it. If its been sitting most of its life it may already have a lil leak.