What do you answer when people ask you the cost of your bike?


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What do you answer when people ask you the cost of your bike? What is the
best way to simply not tell them what you paid for one?


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I wish I had the balls to do that!:roll::roll:
What is that from the movie wolf? Jack playing an editor turning into a


dont know what movie its from it just looks like a big fuck you......... & you mean someone ask you about your bike & you cant tell em that... the cost of someones ride is the owners bussiness unless thay decide to share.. I had a guy on a thunder mtn that was bolwn away with my dog.. his thunder mtn was very cool... he kept on about how his was about 55k.. all I said if it makes you happy..... then he said yours had to cost 70k + I told him it was a big dog,, not big price.. & that I could have bought 2.5 of mine for what his cost.. that was all that had to be said..


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I tell them it doesn't matter what it cost and they are missing the point. Its about riding, not the bike.

I can tell you the guys I like to ride with the best appreciate what they ride, because they would ride anything just to ride.

I can tell you after 20 years without a road bike I wasn't interested in a harley (Ive never owned a harley) or their price tags, and was justing looking for a shadow or vulcan. Or any good deal on the side of the road. A good friend of mine (35 years riding Harley) told me that I would know it when I found my bike. Even when I stopped into the dealer I was only looking at used bikes. The told me I was tall and would fit a chopper. I really wasn't interested until I rode it. I love my Chopper, but I had just as much fun on my first bikes; Yamaha Maxima and Honda CB.

I tell them:

"It doesnt matter what it cost, just as long as you ride"


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:iagree: It was Anger Management or something like that:2thumbs:


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return with "What did your wife cost? This rides better...."


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I tell them I do not know because my wife bought it for me for being such a great husband and father.


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What do you answer when people ask you the cost of your bike?
The first time that happened to me I said, "If you have to ask you can't afford one..." But then I thought about it and decided there's no reason to be a douche about it so now I tell them what I paid. :up:
What is the best way to simply not tell them what you paid for one?
Just say, "I'd prefer not to say..." Simple, truthful, and to the point. Why alienate people with smart answer and make them think Big Dog riders have a shitty attitude or are assholes? :D

You just never know who your next friend might turn out to be... :cheers:


PS Once I was asked, "Did you modify that Harley yourself?" Now that bugged me! :down:


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Depending on what they are driving, I tell them that it cost more than their car. That usually gets "you're crazy", to which I reply "the Big Dog is more fun than your car"


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I've had a couple of people ask, and I don't think it's because they are being rude I think they realize they are in the presence of awsomeness and how fucking nice it is and they are curious how much all that badness costs. I just straight up tell them that it would retail for about $36,000 with all the extras that are on it....and I walked out the door for around $26,000. I believe I got a good deal and I am not ashamed to say what I paid for it, I mean hell just look at it.

Ok yeah I'm still ate up with it.:lol:


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I read this reply on this forum once before and have used it since.....

The bike was free.......but this T-shirt cost me about $30,000


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I just tell em I saved up my EIC up from my income tax Refunds for 3 or 4 years and they just stare at me with a dropped out jaw look


I ask them where they live and how much their house cost????I have come to the conclusion like it was said above if they got to ask they know absolutely nothing at all about our hobby ...it all depends how they come off about it though i have had idiots tell me how they have a HD sittin at home in their garage worth at least $50,000 and if thats the case he says'yours must be worth upwards of $100,000" i just tilt my head and smile and roll....


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If someone asks what my stuff costs and they are asking because they have a clue and are actualy interested in it I am honest.
if they are asking just for the sake of asking I reply with,
"I don't know, I see stuff and I buy it..."